Do you know about “Drinksgiving”?

Thanksgiving is a time of being with family and friends, celebrating the things you are most grateful for. Unfortunately, there is a popular trend emerging around this holiday that comes with risk!

The day before Thanksgiving, sometimes referred to as “Blackout Wednesday” or “Drinksgiving” is a day where many people (typically youth and young adults) get together with their hometown crew that they may not see that often and consume large quantities of alcohol.

While it is no surprise that the holiday seasons see a spike in alcohol consumption, in some areas Thanksgiving Eve is being considered one of the biggest drinking days of the year – passing St. Patrick’s Day and New Years Eve’s alcohol consumption rates! Upserve, a restaurant management company, reported beer sales increased by 270% and liquor sales grew by 114% on this night alone! In addition, the Alcohol Monitoring System reports that alcohol violations are 37% higher on Thanksgiving Eve!

During this time it is important to talk to your children, grandchildren and family friends about the dangers of underage drinking, and drinking and driving; and set expectations in your household to ensure that they do not partake in this risky behavior! If you know young adults over 21 who choose to go out on Thanksgiving Eve, make sure to offer them a safe ride home or encourage them to use a ride share service like Uber or Lyft.

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