Quick Facts

Vernon Statistics (Grades 6-12)

  • 18% of Vernon youth drink alcohol
  • 2.5% of Vernon youth binge drink (4+ drinks in one sitting) alcohol
  • 78% of Vernon youth perceive alcohol to be a great risk.
  • 90% of Vernon youth believe their parents would disapprove of them drinking alcohol.
  • 76% of Vernon youth believe their friends would disapprove of drinking alcohol.
  • 13 years old is the average age of first use of alcohol
  • 32% of Vernon youth believe it is easy to access alcohol.


Alcohol 101

  • Alcohol slows down the part of the brain that is responsible for coordination, reaction time, clear thinking, judgement, and can also impair vision
  • 12 oz beer (5%), 5 oz wine (12%), 1.5 oz of spirits (40%; gin, rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey, etc.) all contain the same amount of alcohol
  • The only way to become sober is time. Taking a cold shower or drinking coffee does not make you sober faster.


Source:  2023 Vernon Youth Voices Count Survey Summary Results

Revised November 2023

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