Sticker Shock!

MVPP has been working throughout the towns to continue our prevention methods despite having to social distance. One thing we have done is place lawn signs, targeting different subgroups of teens, with messaging to discourage substance use by focusing on the goals they want to achieve. The signs were created with input from our youth to make them as relatable as possible to our target demographic. They are placed throughout the towns to promote the second wave of Vernon’s Real Talk Campaign and Manchester’s FACTS campaign.
Labor Day weekend we did a Sticker Shock campaign by partnering with our local package stores. By placing prevention messages on alcohol products that youth commonly acquire from older friends or family, we hope to discourage the illegal purchase of alcohol for minors. The messages, placed on the alcohol boxes and brown bags, encourage responsible consumer habits among the 21+ community and serve as a last reminder for those buying, the consequences of purchasing alcohol for someone underage.


Our efforts were featured in The Hartford Currant, Read that article HERE  


Lawn sign to discourage vaping, placed at a park in Vernon, CT.

Lawn sign describing the campaign mission, placed near baseball field in Vernon, CT.

Lawn sign to discourage drinking, placed at a park in Vernon, CT.

Sticker Shock Campaign placed on Bud Light, Keystone, and Busch to discourage supplying alcohol to minors

Package store bags with stickers on them to discourage the 21+ community from purchasing alcohol for minors

Alcohol beverage displaying one of the stickers in the Sticker Shock Campaign reading “Minor Request. Major Trouble. Buying alcohol for minors is illegal.”




Sticker that was placed on alcohol containers and package store bags

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