Real Talk Works to End Youth Vaping

One of Real Talks identified objectives was the help their peers quit vaping.  We decided the best way to do that was provide youth with vaping cessation tools.   By providing youth with tools and an explanation for why these tools are effective in quitting we hope to empower youth to put down the vape for good.   

Items provided Include:   


Reason:   When people stop vaping, they often need something to alleviate the oral fixation, or the persistent urge to have something in their mouth. Instead of taking a puff of your vape, youth can reach for something else to put in their mouth. Gum and lollipops are a few options, but you could also use toothpicks, veggie sticks, hard candy, or even water. 

Stress Balls  

Reason:  It’s a common misunderstanding that nicotine relieves stress. In actuality, your body becomes stressed from nicotine withdrawals and that feeling goes away when you vape again. Similarly, if you’re vaping to cope with other life stressors, you need to develop new strategies to turn to when you’re feeling stressed. One might be a stress ball, so when you feel stressed or anxious, reach for the stress ball rather than the vape. 

Tip Line 

Reason: Talking to someone about quitting vaping might provide the motivation you need to stick with it. There are free and anonymous text messaging programs intended exclusively for teenagers. Texting DITCHVAPE provides messages depicting the reality of stopping, both the good and the bad, in order to assist young people feel encouraged, inspired, and supported throughout their quitting journey, as well as proven tactics and tips. 

Habit Tracker 

Reason:  Quitting smoking or vaping needs a well-thought-out strategy. Tracking the days you didn’t vape as well as the occasions you were triggered will help you understand your addiction and its potential triggers. When you’re resisting the impulse to vape, you may utilize the habit tracker’s coloring sheets as a coping tactic. Recognize that quitting is not a linear process, and that a single mistake should not derail your entire efforts. Tracking it might help you see how far you’ve come on your quitting journey.  

There are apps available as well, such as QuitNow, SmokeFree, and Easy Quit 


Youth were also provided resources (pictured below) to explain why these tools are effective and a overall guide to vaping cessation.   
















Resources that were given out to youth to prevent vaping

Table with resources for vaping cessation



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